Hidden Gems

I was recently in Sarasota, Florida and here are a few unusual Sarasota School of Architecture buildings I took a look at, by Paul Rudolph, Ralph Twitchell, etc.

Tim Seibert’s Cooney house on St. Armand’s Key

Paul Rudolph’s, 1949 Burnette beach house

Ralph Twitchell’s 1940, Lu Andrews bayou residence

Ralph Twitchell’s 1941 Glorieux residence



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2 responses to “Hidden Gems

  1. hello,
    we are restoring the herron residence of venice( victor lundy), which we purchased one year ago.
    We also have been lucky to purchase the coones house on St. Armands key.
    If you want information about our houses please get in touch.
    Most of the time we stay in Vienna Austria, but we can suppley you with infos.
    best regards ursula kohl (Vienna )

  2. I just found your amazing blog! Awsome stuff!

    Katie Flynn

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