Umbrella Restored

The owners of the Umbrella House in the Lido Shores neighborhood of Sarasota, Florida are restoring the umbrella sunshade that was blown away in a storm. Designed by architect Paul Rudolph in 1953, the original design included a sheltering canopy, that provided filtered light and shade for the main body of the house and pool area. The restoration is being done in two phases to make the project more affordable. First the shading structure over the house will be built to reduce cooling bills. Phase two will extend the shade back over the pool deck. The original umbrella stood for 25 years until it was was lost in the 1970’s. This time, to make sure it withstands the Florida climate, while retaining it’s original appearance, the structure will be made of cypress clad aluminum, with 350 pound concrete footings and stainless-steel anchor posts. Once the umbrella is complete it will not only restore the integrity of the design, but it will also restore Paul Rudolph’s intended function.

Architectural Digest named Paul Rudolph’s Umbrella House “One of the five most remarkable houses of the mid twentieth century.”


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