Sarasota Architecture

Who knew Sarasota, Florida was such a hotbed of mid 20th century architecture? I was visiting over the holidays and made a point of seeing as many of the architecturally significant buildings as I could find. It seems every time I visit, more and more of them have been razed to make room for something new. Riverview High School and The Sarasota Yacht Club the most recent casualties. But I think the tides are changing. It might be the sluggish real estate market (people are not grabbing up land and flattening everything to make way for oversized mega-mansions), or it might be a nostalgic return to a simpler time when smaller and efficient was the rage. I saw for the first time that more and more of the buildings were being restored or being used in new ways.

Below are some stunning examples of works that were designed by some pretty sharp architects. They explored fresh ideas that at the time paved the way for people to live comfortably and stylishly in Florida’s semi-tropical climate.

Edward J. Seibert, Hiss Studio, Lido Shores, 1953

Paul Rudolph, Sarasota High School 1958-60, Riverview High School 1957-58

Paul Rudolph & Palph Twitchell, Lamolithic Houses, Siesta Key, 1948

Edward J. Seibert, Lido Shores, 1953

William Rupp, Lido Shores, 1957

Victor Lundy, Lutheran Church, 1958

Jack West, Nokomis Beach Pavillion, rebuilt 2009

Ralph Twitchell, Hudson House, Venice, Florida, 1953

Hyperbolic paraboloid beach pavillion, Venice, Florida, 1964


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