Louis Comfort Tiffany

Louis Comfort Tiffany is usually know for his stained glass windows and lamps. But in 1879 he founded Associated Artists, a decorating partnership with painter Samuel Coleman, textile designer Candace Wheeler, and woodcarver and collector Lockwood de Forest. The Park Avenue Armory in New York still holds one of his decorating collaborations. The Veteran’s Room or “Tiffany Room” as it’s referred to, retains the original silver leaf patterned ceiling, ornamental woodwork, lighting fixtures, stained glass, and peacock blue glass tile fireplace. Stanford White contributed the architectural elements in the room, including the built-in furniture and the fireplace wall. The room incorporates Greek, Persian, Japanese, Moorish, Celtic and Egyptian styles. A little worse for the wear, The Veteran’s Room is still used for lectures and events.
“Tiffany Room” – 7th Avenue Armory, NY.
Detail of ceiling
Stained glass window
Louis Comfort Tiffany’s salon for George Kemp’s house, 1879.


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